About Jeremie

Jeremie is a teacher, training with Bangor University. He started the teaching training pathway in 2016 and has since delivered five 8-week MSBR courses in Bristol and Stroud where he continues to teach.

Jeremie comes from a scientific background, after studying a masters degree in engineering and acoustics, Jeremie moved to Bristol to work as an acoustic engineer. The pressures of work and demands of daily life motivated him to look at ways to manage his stress levels. He came across meditation in 2011 and did an 8 week MBSR course in 2012. As well as helping with stress levels, mindfulness brought a deeper sense of meaning to his life. A few years later he decided to leave his engineering job to follow a path more aligned with his own values.

Jeremie follows the Good Practice Guidelines laid out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. He has an accredited supervisor who supports and advises him. As well as maintaining a daily meditation practice Jeremie really enjoys attending silent meditation retreats ranging from one-day group retreats to 6-week personal work retreats.