Mindfulness courses

Bristol – Gloucestershire

– by Jermie Dufaud –

Testimonials - general public
  • "I would recommend this course to anyone who feels that life is travelling too fast.  This course will help you to slow down your thoughts and give you more head space to enjoy the here and now, smell the roses, hear the birds sing, watch the children play. We all lead busy lives and sometimes struggle to find time to just sit and relax, savouring happy and sad times, this course will help you do all these things as well as many more. Thank you for helping me to slow my thoughts down, not to worry so much about the future and reduce some of the negative thoughts I had about the past.  Jeremie, the tutor, is supportive, informative and reminds you that life can be beautiful right here, right now."

    Rhian Welch
  • "I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about mindfulness, its many forms of practice and how to incorporate this into your daily life. The course has made me more mindful of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions to make a positive change to my life and be present, now. The sessions are welcoming, friendly and respectful making you feel at ease to share your thoughts and experiences. Thanks you."

    Lisa Ridcharson
  • "Jeremie is a natural leader of a mindfulness course. He has a really gentle but confident tone, pace and insight into the practice. I felt entirely supported and got really deep into the mindfulness practice at each session, which really surprised me in the 2 hour sessions. The afternoon silent practice was perfectly led with a variety of meditations and mindful walking which kept me engaged throughout. The pace of the sessions was excellent. There was always space to say how we felt and yet it felt like we never had empty space. I would highly recommend Jeremie to anyone considering mindfulness."

    Alexandra Mills
  • "Jeremie is a calm, gentle and understanding teacher and the course was a great introduction to the theory and practice of meditation and mindfulness."

    Kate Popham
  • "I Just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the last few weeks.  I've really enjoyed the process of meeting each week, having some helpful guidance, and the opportunity to get into the habit of practising meditation daily at home. It's definitely something that I commit to continuing with and can feel a noticeable shift in my perceptions already, even in this short time. I would happily recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of how mindfulness can be practised day to day. Jeremie is a great teacher."
    Adam Pearless
Testimonials - Corporates
  • "We had really good feedback from the mindfulness workshop you ran at Ultrahaptics. The session was informative, engaging, and really brought an awareness to the present moment. The workshop packs we could take away were a wonderful bonus for reflecting back on the session. Thank you!"

    Victoria Purdon
    Office manager
  • "Hi Jeremie,I’ve had really positive feedback from everyone that came to the session on Monday so thank you for coming in and running it.If we wanted to make it a monthly thing, would you be available for that?"
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    Natalie Warwick
    Bid manager